Canola Varieties

Markert Seeds offers numerous varieties of canola seed.  Please give us a call to find the variety that best suits your needs




CS2000 - Competitive with all top hybrids currently on the market.  Superior lodging resistance to 45H29.  Best in-class club root resistance.    

Canterra 1990 - An industry leading hybrid with yields that surpasses the competition.    Canterra 1990 is a hearty plant with very long pods. 


DKL75-65RR - A broad-acre hybrid with solid agronomics and improved pod integrity that offers the option for straight cutting.

DKL75-57CR - A new hybrid that combines clubroot protection as part of a well rounded  agronomic package.

DKL75-45RR - A new hybrid with broad-acre fit offering a unique combination of early maturity and excellent yield potential.

DKL74-54RR -  Good standability.  Consistant, strong yield performance across western Canada.  Ideal overall plant height.  Outstanding harvestability and swathing ease.  Clubroot resistant.  R rating to Blackleg.

DKL 74-44BL -  Strong R rating to blackleg.  Equal to 45S52 in 2012 Monsanto field scale trial evaluations in Sclerotinia infection rating.  Strong emergence and vigour.  Excellent ease of swathing rating with the option for straight cutting due to good shatter tolerance. 

DKL73-45RR – High yielding broad acre hybrid with a consistent, strong performance across Western Canada.  R rating to blackleg.  Outstanding harvestability. 

DKL74-47CR - Clubroot resistant hybrid for those growers at risk.  74-47CR provides good early season vigour with outstanding standability and high yield potential.

DKL73-75RR - A robust looking plant all through the growing season, offering excellent yield potential in the long and mid season zones



94H04 - The newest flagship canola for FP Genetics.  Great yields, strong resistance to blackleg, excellent lodging resistance and early maturity.

93H01 - Top performers with excellent early season vigour and great harvestability.



AC Synergy®  - AC® Synergy (ACS-C12) is a two-parent population-synthetic Polish canola cultivar with an average of 17% higher yield potential than the check varieties over 3 years in the Western Canada Canola/Rapeseed Recommending Committee trials. AC® Synergy is adapted to the short-season growing areas of western Canada.








DKC23-17RIB - 2075 CHU - Early flowering, early maturing.  Excellent harvest appearance and agronomics; fast drydown.  Brings improved yield potential to its maturity zone.

DKC23-21 - 2075 CHU - Excellent early cold emergence and vigour.  Above average plant health and disease tolerance.  Very good test weight. 

DKC26-25 - 2125 CHU - Excellent emergence and early vigour.  Excellent standability.  Flowers very early for maturity.  Medium to tall hybrid.  Hybrid has better staygreen and plant health through harvest. 

DKC27-54 - 2175 CHU - Excellent early vigour.  Tall hybrid.  Fast drydown with very high test weight.  Excellent harvest appearance.  Approximately 2050 CHU silage maturity.

DKC27-55RIB - 2200 CHU - Excellent early vigour.  Tall hybrid.  Fast drydown with very high test weight.  Excellent harvest appearance.  Approximately 2050 CHU silage maturity.






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