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RedNet HRSW - A new HRSW with elevated fusarium resistance and DON accumulation resistance.  RedNet has good resistance to stem, stripe and leaf rust.  It is an awned, medium height semi dwarf, itermediate strong straw with a medium maturity.  Certified seed is anticipated for Spring 2021.  

AAC Starbuck VB HRSW - A high yielding HRSW that combines all the attributes of a high performing red spring variety with added FHB resistance and resistance to the orange blossom wheat midge. 

AB BrewNet Barley - A new high yielding malt variety that doesn’t sacrifice any yield, making it a high performing feed option as well.  Test results show yield potential equal to or greater than that of AAC Synergy and with an unprecedented disease package that includes an MR rating for FHB as well as for smut and scald.  AB BrewNet looks to be a game changer in high production situations

Sirish Barley is a short, strong standing two-row barley with low protein and a unique quality profile well-suited to the craft brewing market.  It has very good yield potential and harvestability, and a great straw management for feed or malt producers. 

TR18645 is a two row hulled variety that show promise for feed use.  While it is well adapted to all soil zones, it did particularly well in dry areas, with a yield boost of between five to eight percent over the checks in 2018.  Certified seed available Spring 2022. 

AAC Chrome Yellow Peas are one of the highest yielding yellow pea varieties  available.  AAC Chrome has larger seeds than the check varieties with lodging resistance as good as any of the other varieties in the Alberta seed guide. This variety has resistance to powdery mildew, a strong seed coat  and has a competitive protein level.


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